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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Commenting Blog.. ^_^

Wednesday,09 January 2013
         Today we have to go to lab. We have to continue update our blog because Miss Zu want to checked our blog. This is my chance to update my blog because I don’t have any laptop to update my blog, so I take the chance to finished my blog for this week. Before the class start, I already asked wawa to sit beside me. It is because I want to see her blog and look out the way how she did her blog. I think, when girl did the blog, it more cheerful because there have some colour in their blog and not like the boys. It is because when boy like us did the blog, we make the blog just a simple way because we don’t used to create the blog. That only my perception, hahahaha. That day we have to finished the blog because we have to comment our friend blog and give a spirit that can improve our friend strength to keep it up to do his or her blog. But, when Miss Zu asked me whether I have comment my friend blog, I said that I still don’t comment any of my friend blog because still update my blog and so on. Then she give us another half an hour to update our blog and then we have to comment our friend blog. I finished update my blog a little bit early and I don’t know how to comment my friend blog, so I take the chance to disturbed wawa from finished her blog, hahaha. Wawa get angry when I disturbed her, and she asked me not to disturbed her because she want to finished her blog early because she have many work to do and she tell me that when she go to the lab, it the only time she can finished her work to complete update the blog. But I still disturbed her because when she get angry, she actually cannot angry because she kind of a good girl. After that, I also take the chance to do my online quiz. When Ejat saw me do the online quiz, he also the online quiz. After 5minutes later, I go to checked my blog because Miss Zu asked all of us to checked our blog to make sure all of our classmates have comment our blog or not. When I checked my blog, there have a few comment and I reply the comment from my friend. All the comment can build my information and so on, thanked to all of you guys that comment my blog. So, I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum.

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