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Sunday, 16 December 2012

My View About Blogging

Hello everyone,how your day? Is it okay? Is it disaster?or is it just like usual,just same at all? Hahaha..I hope your day is pretty awesome.Okay,I want to start my writing.Today I want to write about my view of blogging.What you guys think about blog,can you guys give me some idea.hahaha.Just kidding.I like to read,but not really actually because just like to read something that can interest me an so on.When we talk about blog,the blog is the best place to express someone feeling an so on.At that blog,the blogger can express all their feeling like angry,happy,and so on as they want and also can makes their blog more beautiful to attract someone to read it or others.But,its for the professional blogger but not me.The reason I said that is because this is the first time I have to create the blog and I not used at it at all.Feel like a burden for me,but I want to try something new,its quiet interesting. Hopefully,I can do my best for this blog.hehehe ..^_^ .
So,I think this is the challenger semester because for the first time,our lecturer,Miss Zu have told us to make an blog as the assignment.Its so challenge me.But,I have to take it.I like the challenge.hehehe..Miss Zu have told us that we must to update all the thing that happen in their class in our blog.Miss Zu also told us that to make the blog was so easy and simple like we make the facebook account,but when I tried to make this blog,it not so easy as she taid,quiet hard.Feel very tension to make this blog..huhu.But,still have to create.So,my view of blogging is simple,not too interest and also not liked at all to this blog.Its just what I think about the blogging.How about you guys? I know different person have different perception,just like me..hahaha..Okay,that all for today,see you guys in next entry.Assalamualaikum.

My View About Writing

First of all I want to thanked to allah for all the bless, I can still live like usual and still can write this blog .firstly ,my view about writing is its quiet interesting ,but at the same time have the difficulty to write because we must to make sure that the grammar is right and so on .Arghh! ,from the primary school until at the university, I really not expert at all for that grammar. What a shame. It also make me move slowly to write something such as the essay and so on because feel scared to make mistakes like the grammar and so on. It will make me feel blur. What I have to do? What should contain in that essay? What should I write? How I want to write? Is it the grammar correct and so on. All that thing will frolick in my mind. Arghhh! such a pressure to me. But, I have to write to make my writing skill improve. I know that I can do it because I have the principe that I hold until now like I also can do if someone can do, nothing is impossible to get in this world. From that principe ,I get a lot of strength to learn the skill in writing and so on. I cannot give up until I get what I want. However, I must keep trying and not just at the same level like now. I hope in this class, I can improve my writing skill because I want to get A in this subject. Alhamdulillah, I think that all for today.

Wednesday,12 December 2012

         The fifth day for the Bel 311 class. Such a sweet date ever, its 12,12,12.Wow,so interesting what will going on today. Hopefully that will be going the best day ever. Today, our class is at Cll 2,Sri laksamana. Today for the first time we have to enter the lab, quite interesting. What we are going to do in this lab is we have to create the blog. Usually I just look at my friend blog, but now I have to make my own blog .What was that, I don’t know how to make the blog. Arghhh, someone ,help me. The reason why Miss Zu want all of us have the blog is, this is one of our assignment an she also tell us that its can improve our writing skill and so on. But, I still feel blur because I don’t know how to create the blog, and with the Uitm wifi which is too slow like a snail ,it make me fell more pressure and tension. Looked at that situation, Zue, my classmates was come over me and help me to create the blog. Oh thank god, a pretty girl who have a kind of heart which is willing to help me .What a relieve, thank Zue. She told me the way to create the blog and so on. Then, I asked her “do you already have a blog before this?” .Then she told me that she have a blog before this but not too active with that blog. Now I know why she is so expert about this blog. Zue help anything that she know and its make me more easier to create that blog. The whole day we create the blog and also follow the others friend blog an so on. A little bit bored because I not used about that blog. Everybody seems tension because its can calculate the percentage who are really know about the blog and who are not. The class ended with full of stress and tension situation but also have a great moment today. Before the class end Miss Zu have asked all of us to find the article that is interesting and we have to choose our partner because it also one of the a burden, but we have to accept it and not to make an excused because it also can make us get more information about a latest new. I think that all for today, thank you.

Tuesday,11 December 2012

         Today is the fourth day our Bel 311 class. The game that have extended for yesterday will be going to continued today. The last pair for yesterday have choose Faiz and Atikah Kardi to be the next pair to introduced their partner. Ejat and I whisper with each other and said that Faiz will change his voice when he feel nervous. What Ejat and I guest is true ,he change his voice. Such a funny guys .So ,we laugh when look at that situation. After he and his partner have done the activity, he told us to guest what are the false statement. So, I want to try my luck to guest ,I choose to guest Atikah Kardi statement. I told them that Atikah never work at 7 e`leven. then Faiz said that the statement is true. Many people in our class feel shocked because I can guest so easily. Then Miss Zu asked Atikad,”Is it true Atikah?”then she said that statement is true because she never worked. Ejat is the shocked person because he told me, ”How do I know about her?”. Then I tell him that I just guest. Then we laugh. After all of the member in this class finished introduced about their partner, the game is end. Suddenly,Miss Zu told us that there have another game the we have to played. What a happy moment. So many game at the Bel class,my friend and I very liked it. So, Miss Zu told us that the game we have to played today is “That Shocking”. What kind of game it is? Never heard before this, just wait and see what will be going on ,hehehe. After she told us what to do, Ejat and I still feel blur and Ejat keep do his frowning face because we have to write anything that will be shocked when someone read it. I don’t have any idea at all. I asked Ejat,”what we have to do?”,Ejat also don’t have any idea at all. So tension, I think that only I who are not know what to do, but Fikri also same .Until the time that given to list all the statement was ended, Fikri only have 1 statement that he can list. I think he feel blur same like us(Ejat and I).After done list all the statement, Miss Zu told us to make an aeroplane. Oh my god, I don’t know how to make an aeroplane, but Miss Zu still asked me to make an aeroplane. I tried my best, but what the result that I get?. Miss Zu asked me to make an aeroplane, but what have I made ,a hat, hahahaahaha. Then ,everybody laugh at me. I just smile to them because I know my ability, I don’t have a talent to make an aeroplane. After that, we must to make that aeroplane to fly, so the situation is like when we at the primary school, so miss at my primary school. Besides that, we have to choose the aeroplane which is not our aeroplane because we have to read it at the front. what a shame moment, because everybody will know about our secret. First person that have choose to go front is Cik faa, she read the paper and the statement at that paper was shocked all the member because there have a statement that so shame to tell such as like to naked when want to go to sleep. Everybody was laugh and still asked with each other who are the one for that paper. Then, Cik Faa have to guest who are that paper belonging, then suddenly she tell that paper is mine. What a shame, everybody laugh at me, but the fact is, the paper is not mine .Until the last she cannot guest, the person was stand after Miss Zu asked. That really shocking, because it’s a girl, that girl is Syafikah Azmi. Everybody also cannot believe it. But I think that statement was not true because she already told me not to believe for that statement because she has create it, not a true statement. I trusted her. The second moment that was shame on that day is when Syafiqah Salleh have guested that I the one who are belonging that paper that have written the statement which is contain “like to wear a clothes even though that clothes not washed”. Feel very shame on that day because not one I become a victim but twice. So a shame moment. the class ended with a full of laugh moment.