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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Farewell notes

Hai everyone, glad to see you again. :D

What have you learnt throughout this semester in BEL 311? Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

For your information, I think this semester is the most harder from the last semester because we have to work hard doing all this thing (assignment, blogging and so on). But, seriously, I think that can improve our skills of writing and also our critical thinking because to finish all this thing, we have to make sure it perfect and so on. For example, before this I have a problem where I cannot do the writing perfectly with a good or different word which can attract people to read it. But, in this Class, Miss Zu have teach us to use the different or synonym word to attracted reader to read what we write and I think that can help us to get high mark in the final that will coming soon.

Now, I will practice it and I will make sure I use the word to make my writing was interesting. Besides that, I also know on how to make the reference from the article especially for the term paper. I also know on how to find and make the source for the term paper resources. Here, I want to say thanks to Miss Zu because with all her sacrifices to give her skill to us and also make sure that we can improve our skill. Love from deep of my heart to you Miss Zu. =)

What does blogging teach in BEL 311? 
What do you think of expressing your thoughts feeling via-e-Diary (blogging).

Totally, first time I create my blog I feel like this “this is my first blog and after this I will have to be a critical thinker to make my blogger is funny, happy and very important is it interesting. Why I thinks so? This is because maybe I will take more time to do it. Seriously I feel it a new thing to me. Sometime I feel enjoy, sometime bored, and sometime feel lazy to do it every day. After I know the blog purpose, now I know when I update or share my story it can make me to improve my writing skill. Maybe a little bit my grammar is correct. But, until know I don’t know whether my grammar is improve or still same at my level before this. I hope I can learn from my mistake and can conquer the skill of this writing and so on because actually I like to learn English language. I think that expressing our feeling in blog is the positive one because it can release our tension and so on.

What do you expect for examination and Bel subject?

I still not prepare anything for final especially for BEL 311. I hope I still have enough time to prepare for the final. Insha’Allah. Firstly, what I expect for the final examination is hope the question is easier and in that ways I can score this paper but I know not everything we want we can get it right. So, I hope I can do better in the final and I want to try to score this paper and get a deserve mark for all the harder thing that happen. I also hope that with all the skills and so on that Miss Zu teach us, we can use it for the final. Lastly, I think this Bel subject have teach me on how to be an independent person, patience person and so on because in this class, I have learn many thing that useful to me. Once again, thank Miss Zu. ^_^

Last Class :`(

Thursday, 21 March 2013

            Peace be upon on you the reader, I hope you all in pink of health. Insha’Allah. Firstly, this is the second class we have to attend in Thursday because this class actually the replacement class for the class that has been cancelled. If I not mistaken, the first class that I have attend in Thursday is for the Speaking Test which is the scariest day. Okay, let’s go back to our story, this class was at CLL 1 Sri Laksamana which is at the computer lab. This class actually start at 8.00 p.m but Ejat, Nawi, Wasim and also I have to came a little bit late because we have to do some important thing before we can entered this class which is we want to make sure our portfolio is ready with full of the material that Miss Zu asked. When we entered this class, we look all the classmates seem really concentrated with what Miss Zu have talking about and actually Miss Zu were talking about the orange paper that she give to us and she was discuss and explain on how to do the subjective part. We all discuss on how to answered that question, Miss Zu told to everyone in this class that we must find the true meaning of the word in the passage, by doing that way, we can know the meaning of the passage and what the writer try to told to the reader.

Miss Zu said that the answered is actually in that paragraph, so we must read it carefully. While doing the question that she told us to do, suddenly Miss Zu give some paper to us which is have the same colour as well like the paper that we get earlier, then she told us that this is a survey for doing the this blog, is it okay or not. I try to answer it, and from what I had noticed, many question from that paper is same as before, is it “typo” or others? I just circle the answered because I don’t know, this blog is okay or not, but from my personal view, I think this blog is positive one because it can improve our English language. Ejat and I just do it and then we finish circle that paper. While I circle that paper, I just make some joke to Ejat which is I said I want to give only 1 for some question which refer to our thought for doing this and without I noticed, Miss Zu have watching me all over before the start, I feel very shy and I told her that I don’t have any meaning at all for what I said earlier and it just a joke. Sorry Miss Zu.. ^_^. After we submit that paper, Miss Zu discuss what the next answered for the next subjective part. We finish do the subjective question, Miss Zu told to all, for this last class, she has a preparation for this last class, Miss Zu said that everyone must go outside and then go to the class next toilet. We do some party and eat the snack. Miss Zu have taken the picture with the student, I also take a picture with Miss Zu for a memories. Thank You Miss  Zu, for everything that you teach from started till the ended, if you not teach this class, our English language is not well and maybe even worse, Thank you very much Miss Zu. We love you so much.

The Sweetest Moment Ever  and I will not forget it until I have graduated ^_^

Learn Discussion Essay

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, today our class at CLL Sri Laksamana, as usual our class at the lab. As usual, when we came here, we have to update our blog for those who not update their blog yet. So, I take this opportunity to update my blog. But, while I was so concentrated update my blog, my classmates’ adiba have turn off my computer with unconscious situation which is she also did not know she had do it. Then, she just laughs at me and I also laughing look at that situation. So, I have to open my computer again. Huhu. At the same time, Miss Zu asked us whether we have done our online quiz or not. So, everyone said not done yet because have certain quizzes which is not done yet. So, she asked all of us to do it. After 15 minutes later, she tells us that there have 2 beautiful lecturers who are going to teach us today. The entire class was weird with what she have said earlier and all the men in the class was looking at the door and want to see who is the lecturer. Then, she was laugh with what we do and suddenly, she tell us that the beautiful lecturer who going to teach us today is also from my class which is the twins, Inayah and Bariyah.

This is the twin that I refer to and from left is Anya and beside her is her sister Bariyah.

They are going to teach us about the discussion essay. They explain about the discussion essay which is a little bit different from the argumentative essay which is in this essay, there have a fair condition like not just support for one sided only. I think they do a great job because can explain this entire thing to us. A few minutes later, Miss Zu give all of us the orange paper which is contain last semester examination. She asked us to do it and want to see it. She also asked us to do the argumentative essay that have in that paper. So, the class end as usual at 6.00 p.m . I think that all for today, thank you for willingly to read, see you again. Assalamualaikum.

Make Conclusion In Essay

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, how your day guys? Is it ok? I think you all enjoy for the cancelled class yesterday right? Hahaha, just kidding. Ok, today I want to continued write about what have happen in the class for this day. Firstly, as usual we just came back from the QMT class, but this time the class just around the corner because the distance is to short which is at the same block for this class. So, we can come a little bit early. When we come to the class, we saw there have a member from another class but at the same time Miss Zu was here but what has attract me was the member in that class use calculator in her class. Now, in my mind just think like this “is it Miss Zu teach them mathematics, or economic and so on?” . So, the entire classmates think not to disturbed them because we think we have arrived early today, so we just waited at the outside from the class. After 10 minutes later, they go out from the class and we come in to the class. Today, Miss Zu wants to teach us about how to make the conclusion in essay. So, she explains a little bit on how to do it. Then, she open the slide which is contain poet I think and she want someone to read it. Suddenly, she choose me to read it. Why me Miss Zu? The title for that poet is “The Jabberworker”, if I not mistake .hahaha.. ^_^. So, I read the passage in that slide and I think I cannot do better because feel shy with my classmates, but after half of the passage I read, I can fluently read it because I read it like I was sing a song..hehehe. Then, she asked us whether we understand or not about the passage, and we say no because there have an alien word that we do not know the meaning. After she explains a little bit about the story, we can get what the writer want to tell us from that story and we can make a conclusion from that story. Today was an amazing day for us because we have learnt something that useful for us. So, the class was end early and as usual, we go to the “pasar malam”. See you again, Assalamualaikum.

This is the situation in that class :)

Hahaha.. I have to read it :D

Class Cancelled Again

Monday, 18 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, today we did not have to attend to our class because Miss Zu already told us that she have an important thing to do. So, the class was cancelled and Miss Zu have told us that she want to make a replacement class another day. I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum. ^_^

Argumentative Essay

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, today our class at Cll Sri laksamana. As usual, we entered the lab. But, today we came a little bit early because I did not seem Miss Zu at that lab. In this class, Miss Zu have tell us on what she want to do for today class. Suddenly, she said that we have to learn about argumentative essay. She asked us whether we know how to make this essay or not? Did Miss Syazwa Nabila have teach us on how to do it or not and others. All of my classmates said that we already learn on how to make it and still remember a little bit on how to do it. So, Miss Zu just teach a little bit because she know all of us already know about this argumentative essay. Then, she try all of us to judge the statement in the slide whether it is argumentative essay or not. All my classmates do a pretty well job because can just a correct answer. So proud with all of you guys. After that, she asked all of us to this argumentative essay for a homework for this weekend. Owh noooooooooooo.. I did not ready to make this argumentative essay because at this time feel so blur on how to do it.. With all the quiz and test that have, feel so frustrated. huhu.. But, we have to take it no matter what because Miss Zu already gave all of us this homework. Then she said that she also have an experience like all of us and she said that she was the worse than us because in her time, she have to attend 3 test with all this kind of work to complete at the same time. So, Miss Zu advice all of us to just accept it and take the challenges that she gave. So, we have to take it. The class end as usual and I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum.

Class Cancelled

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, today the class has been cancelled by Miss Zu because I can said that almost half of my classmates have to go to FAMA because there have some activity that we must do at there. So, another half of my classmates who did not join us go to FAMA just stay at Uitm and also there have some of them which have to do the real SPEAKING TEST!!

What a scary thing to do because it too early. The group that I refer is Fikri group which is the first group who do this Speaking test. Good luck guys. May you all get a great mark and can do a great job. Insyaallah. So, I think that all I want to said, thank you for willingly to read my blog guys. Assalamualaikum.

Reahersal For Speaking Test

Monday, 11 March 2013

Assalamualaikum, as usual our class at DSP which so far away from our hostel. In this class, Miss Zu already set up the purpose for this class which is the rehearsal for the speaking test that coming soon. The main purpose she did this activity is to make sure the student know how to speak in front of others without feel shy and so on. Besides that, she also want to know the weakness of their student to help them improve their speaking skills. So, the student can know how to speak fluently in the speaking test that arrived in next 2 days. In this activity, Adiba groups has chosen to go to the front to do this activity. In my opinion, they do a great job which is they can speak fluently and share a lot of idea in their conversation in this activity. Feel proud with all of them. This activity take around half an hour to finish. So, the whole day we just watch this groups speak at the front and we also can be like the examiner because we also can give them mark for their speaking rehearsal as Miss Zu ask all of to do it. After finished the rehearsal, Miss Zu asked all of us to try this speaking rehearsal with our group to make a chemistry with each other’s. The class end early because Miss Zu have an important thing to do. So, we take the time that have in that day to do this rehearsal. So, I think that all for today, thank you. See you again guys. Assalamualaikum

Choosing Partner for Speaking Test

Wednesday, 06 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmannirrahim. How you guys doing? I am good too.  Today Miss ZU a bit late because she has something to do so, she asks us to update and comment blog, does the online quizzes.  After that, Miss Zu enters the lab. Today, Miss Zu wants to do a practice for speaking test. Oh speaking test! Then, Miss Zu divides us into eight groups, which are consisting of four members. Miss Zu said she couldn’t let us choose our own member because in MUET TEST we know no one. Therefore, Miss Zu decides to do that way. Actually we want choose our own group but Miss Zu don’t agree with that. So we must accept that. My group would be Asyraf, Nadia Salehin, and me. Excited but nervous too. How to do??? For the practice session, Miss Zu picks GROUP NO.1.  Group 1 need to do the example for do the speaking test. The title that given to faiz's group is about punctuality among Malaysian. We will give 1 minute to read the question and 5 minutes to write down our points and 20 minutes for discussion. When they are presenting we have to give them mark according to what Miss Zu teaches us just now. Group 1 members consist of 4 members Asnawi, Faiz Othman, Bariah and Ana.  The starting a little bit not good. Maybe because it suddenly happen. However, when it comes to Faiz Othman and Bariah they give many points. Miss Zu said one person should give at least five points. WHAT! Five points? That’s a lot. For this semester speaking test, we are given 20 minutes. That’s really long time. Fuhhhhh…. Lastly, Bariah and Faiz get the highest mark among them. Although, it just a practice, well done guy. Then, Miss Zu said she wants to this practice again. Noooo, we do not want to do it. After that, Miss Zu gives us a sheet of questions paper for us to practice over this weekend.  BYE! But, we still have others replacement class for tonight..huhu..

For replacement class we did compare and contrast essay like usual Miss Zu wants us to do an essay. Before we start the class, Miss Zu wants our draft, the original and the one that has been commented by our friend. Compare and contrast essay has two type of pattern.
1) Introduction     

2) Introduction
Differentiation & similarity character 1
Differentiation &similarity character 2
For my group we got pattern number 1. BREE VAN DE KAMP AND LYNETTE SCAVO. That’s two names was shown on the screen. Who are they? They are the characters from POPULAR ENGLISH DRAMA SERIES CALLED DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  What are the different and similarity between both of them? The similarity of both characters is, both of them are housewife and mother. While the different between both of them are for BREE VAN DE KAMP, her attitude is strict and the way she managed her family is very organized. On the other hand, LYNETTE SCAVO he attitude is very friendly and the way she managed her family is unorganized. For my part, I have to write the differences between both of them. As usual we need to put the citation and plus one more thing which is references and follow the format. My brain working so hard to make this essay..huhu..
We have to submit it after that and we end the class about 10:10 P.M. See you all in next updates, good bye..Assalamualaikum.. ^_^


Tuesday, 05 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum readers.  Today we have to bring our laptop again because we have to check our friends’ draft. If yesterday, we done with self-editing and today we continue with peer editing. Since, there are only two group did problem-solution essay, my group and Faiz’s group so, we just change between us not like others group they need to change with different group. After we done it, Miss Zu asks us to evaluate peer’s draft. We need to give them mark according to the criteria that have been given on the paper that Miss Zu just gave us. Give a mark???It look like interesting…Exciting! We have to give them mark but we can’t show it to them. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL! Like what Miss Zu said..hahaha..
But… we want to know our mark Miss Zu..huhuuhu..
I think Faiz and I have consider enough in giving Nina and Wawa mark for their draft. How about you guys Nina and Wawa??? How many mark that you want to give to us? It make us keep asking to our self.. So curious..haha.. I hope we can a great mark for all that we have done.. Insyaallah.. So, I think that all for today.. See you in next updates, bye..

Another Forum & Self-Editing

Monday, 04 March 2013

            Today our class as usual at DSP at 2 O’CLOCK. Firstly, our activity for today class is to continue forum for the last group since they still not done yet. Unfortunately, they just only have three panel which are Nadia Salehin, Sarra, and also Faiz Othman. Syafikah Azmi should be in this group but she did not come because she having period pain according to sarra. Feel pity to her. But, they still continue their forum. Faiz as ex minister of china, nadia as housewife and sara is the host and they did a good job because only 3 people in the forum. The group talk about “plastic bag”. Their forum going smoothly like the others day. GOOD JOB GUYS! Then, Miss Zu Give all of us a paper and the colour of the paper based on the type of essay. For our group we got blue colour. According to Miss Zu, the blue paper that we get is for us to evaluate others groups draft. The paper consist of two sheet which are self-editing and peer editing. For today class we only do the self-editing and at the same time we still editing our references because we need to indent it. 


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

            Today is the day. FORUM!  Assalamualaikum readers.  As soon as we enter the class, Miss Zu the first group which is my group. Before we start it, Miss Zu asks us to write the title for the show like a real forum that we always watch it on the television.  Izani has to decide what kind of show that wants to do it since she is the host. Then, we end it with show title “Talk show with Izani Z”. A little bit weird with the Z. What that?? Is it her father name?
I think maybe it her father name because her father name start with “Z”. It’s just some guests. hahaha. We enjoy laughing today. Haha this is because we can see our friends talk in front of people. Then, group number 2,3 4 present their forum. That was a happy day because everyone laughing a lot. After all the 4 group present, our turn that is group number 5 need to do the forum. I was a little bit nervous and like want to vomit because too nervous because I have to speak in front of my friend I think I cannot speak in front of the people that I know I don’t know why. Our program name is Listen! Listen! With Naddy N. In this forum, I as a gym coach in Fitness Centre at Damansara, Tira as a Doctor from Columbia Hospital, Ana as a student from Taylor's University that has an experience about that topic, Syafiqah as nutritious and Nadia is the host. Our group was the last group that need to do the forum because we don’t have enough time to finish it. Group 6 will present it tomorrow. I wish luck for them. hahaha. So, I think the best host is Fikri and the best panel is Faiz Adha. The best group is all 5 group. Good job friends!! You all already did your best =) 

All My Lovely Classmates Ever.. ^_^

My Group :)

Fikri Groups 

Ejat Groups

Nawi Groups

Faiz Adha Groups


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Assalamualaikum, as usual our class at U214. Seem like Miss Zu in a good mood today because when we entered the class she just smile and it seem different from usual. I keep think maybe she in cheerful mood that why she always smile. It good because we can learn in cheerful session. In that class, she explained about references. She said that we need to do references for our term paper and also in final exam. So she explained using textbook. She teach us on how to do the correct references. It is a bit difficult and complicated I guess. After finished the explanation we have divide into group. I keep asking myself what going to happen and then suddenly she said that we have to do the FORUM. What?? Forum, I do not know anything about forum because not used to it. Feel blur. My members in group are Tirah, Syafiqah Salleh, Ana and Nadia Zamri. We got topic about many young girls strive very hard to be thin. Some of them starve themselves to look thin while others induce vomiting. This has resulted in teenage eating disorders which affect their health. As a concerned citizen, suggest the best solutions to this problem. Give reasons for your choice. Miss Zu gives us time to discuss about our topic and present it tomorrow. Miss Zu gives us time to thinks what the answers for the task but when the clock about to 6 p.m Miss Zu asks us whether is it okay for us to do the real forum on the next class. It’s obviously okay for us miss. The class dismisses. What’s will be happen on next class??? We will see it tomorrow. See you again readers, Assalamualaikum.

Commenting First Draft & Problem Solution Essay

Monday, 25 February 2013

Assalamualaikum readers. Today my class at DSP. Today we have to bring our laptop to the class because Miss Zu wants to check our first draft essay. We also have to comment others group essay.  My group has to change with Nina’s group since both of us doing the same type of essay.  Nina’s group did a little of comments to my group’s essay. We glad that she do that because we can know our mistake and so on. We also did a lot of commenting on their draft like suggest a word that they can used for their term paper. I hope that can help them. That day, we just make a commenting for our member’s term paper. At the same time, we get back our outline paper that one we submit to Miss Zu. We got 4 over 5. I think that our mark just so~ so because there have others partner that get a higher marks than us like Atikah ahmad group which is get 4.75 if I not mistake. We salute for that group because only make a mistake like not put “s” in their outline. Wow, really brilliant girls. We make mistakes especially on sentence structure.  Some of the group gets a message from Miss Zu on that paper. Something likes “See me”. I don’t know. I glad that not on my group’s paper. So grateful. hehehe. The class ended at 4 o`clock and for your information, tonight we have a replacement class.. waaa..Really-really tired..

At night.

Our class for tonight supposes to be start on sharp 8 o’clock but my friend and I was late! OMG! How come? Tonight task is in a group. If before this, we done with cause and effect essay, for tonight we do problem and solution essay. My members for this group is Faiz, Atikah ahmad, Cik faa, Ika kardi and also Adiba.. Many of them give an excuse like it’s raining that why we are late Miss Zu, hehehe that just an excuse from us. Once again, we have to be a critical thinker. For this time essay, Miss Zu asks us to put the text citation. Miss Zu said one paragraph with one citation is just great. Like usual, my engines still not warm enough and I start to write this essay a little bit late to think the best idea to put in this essay.haha.. What a funny moment when I remember back that situation. The class end at 10 o`clock and we have to submit this essay to Miss Zu before we leave the class.

Body Paragraph & Learn Cause & Effect Essay

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today we are going to learn about body paragraph. Miss Zu said after this we will continue do our term paper when she gives back our outline. So that's why she taught about the body paragraph. Today Miss Zu teaches us about cause and effect essay. Then, we are dividing into 5 groups since for cause and effect essay have 5 different patterns. I am in the group 3 and for my group we have to do pattern number 3. My group members are I, Nina, Ejat, Faiz Adha, Fikri and Wawa. Based on the video that Miss Zu shows on the screen, we have to create the title and make an essay. One member would be one paragraph. My group, the video is very funny but it has its own message. So, we have to think what the message that have in that video. It’s a little bit hard for us to find the meaning from that action in that video but it like a new learning session for us. For the first time, I feel blur because did not have any idea to make an essay and it take at least 15 minutes later for me to make the essay, ahh what a waste.. L . At the same time, we are allowed to search the information on Google since we are in the computer lab.  At 6 o’clock, we have to submit it for Miss Zu to check it. Before we dismiss the class, Miss Zu already writes the homework for us to do this weekend. Wah, have a many thing to do. I think that all for today, see you in next updates

Make Inferences

Monday, 18 February 2013      

           Assalamualaikum to all the readers. We meet again in this update. So, how your holidays guys? Is it okay? I think maybe you all have a great holiday this time because it take more than 1 week. So, I think we have a good enough time to rest for a while from all this situation which is I refer to all the busier days last week. I hope you guys in a pink of health. Insyaallah. So, we have to start a new day for this week with all the fresh thing and so on. Okay, get back to our main point to write this blog, today class as usual at Dewan Sri Peria(DSP). Today we learn a new topic which is how to make the inferences and it is about make a guess about what the writer are trying to tell us. This is for our own sake because Miss Zu have told us that this learning session is very useful for the reading section in final paper. We play a simple game about guessing who are the murderer to Mr Boddy .Miss Zu give us different card to each of us for us to guess where is the missing card and also the clue for these case. Each person have different card. Firstly, for your information, I don’t understand at all what types of games that we have to play today. It is because I think the card that I have is not the murderer thing cases and so on. So, I guess that the others person card is the murderer weapon or the murderer places. But, as I expected, my perception for this game are wrong because Syafiqah Salleh have told me that this game is we have to guest the missing card which is the clue for the true murder. She also told me that Miss Zu already told us that the card that we are holding are not the murderer, not the weapon and not the murder places. We need to think careful which person are the murder, what are the weapon to killed and where the places. Miss Zu show us 4 of the suspect names, 4 places and 4 weapon in the slide in front. Owh, I think maybe I not pay attention for what she have said earlier. Sorry Miss Zu, hehehe. So, we have to think carefully what card that we do not have. In this game, Wasim give a correct answer for this games. .After finish with this game, we have been divided into 5 group. In my group we have Cik Faa, Syafiqah Salleh and Syafiqah Azmi .Each group must give answer about what are going happen next for each video clip that Miss Zu are going to show. Even we watch the same video we give a different answer. From this activity I realise that we must focus with each of situation that happen and do not have to rush to make conclusion because we have to take time to think carefully because it can give an effect to us for example in examination, if we give a wrong answer in exam we are going to lose mark and so on. So, we must always careful before we make some conclusion. I think today is the fun and happiest days ever. So, I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum.

Finished Do The Outline

Wednesday, 06 February 2013

            Assalamualaikum, we meet again in this update. Hai guys, I hope today is even better than yesterday. I hope Miss Zu in a good mood today. So, all of us will have a great day which is not stressful learning session. I hope so. Okay, get back to the story, today class was at CLL Sri Laksamana. Today class Miss Zu want all of us to finish up do the outlining at this class. She want all of us to finish it at least 70-80 %. All that she need us to do is we must rephrase the sentences structure from the original because she doesn’t like a plagiarism work. The most important reason she want all of to do it because we should submit our outlining before this Friday.  Faiz and I do the outlining very careful because if the outlining step is wrong, of course we will get a lowest marks. Seriously we want the task is in a good results. This task is important because it may or the truly is can help us to get marks for the term paper for final examination. All we can do after this just accepted the result and do the others thing that we should do. I hope, we can get high mark for this outlining so we can do a great task for this term paper. I really want to do the best for this term paper. I don’t want to lose any mark again and I hope this will make me get more useful information that I can used for the final paper. I really hope so. Insyaallah. So, I think that all for today. Happy holiday guys, I hope you all in a good condition where ever you go in this holiday. Take care and I hope we can meet again after this. Assalamualaikum.

Check Outline with Friend

Tuesday, 05 February 2013

            Assalammualaikum.Hi guys, today our class at U214. Our lesson today is about outlining again. Faiz and I have some problem and have to come to the class a little bit late because we have to send Hakimah to the hospital because she sick and not feeling really well. Faiz have told others friend to tell Miss Zu the situation that we have faced right now because we have to send Hakimah to hospital because look at her condiion which is even worst after the class before. We come to the class late half an hour but Miss Zu understand what we have do. Then Miss Zu asked us whether Hakimah okay or not. Then Faiz tell that Hakimah is getting a little bit okay. Then the class move like usual. In this class, Miss Zu want all of us to finish do our outlining at class. At the same times. We can try to check our outlining sentences before we confirm it. We can asked our friend or just go to see Miss Zu to check it up whether our outlining sentences is okay or worst. My partner and I do it with more careful because we did not have enough time to do it. It is because we need to submit the outlining before this Friday. It is because this Friday is the last week before we gone to our hometown for the holiday because next week is Chinese New Year. After that, Faiz and I continue do our outlining and we laugh with each other because there have some mistake and so on. Look at that situation, Miss Zu have asked us to come to the front for her to check our outlining one more time. Then, she told us that our outlining is better than before and she want us to paraphrase again our outlining to make it clear. So, I asked her whether our outlining can be accepted or not. Then she said that it okay, but we have to make it more perfect. Feel very grateful because she said that.  Faiz and I feel very happy and at the same time we will make sure our outline is use the role. Another group starts to show their work at her. She also tries to help them and so on. So, our class ended a little bit early and that all for today. Thank you. It a happy days because Miss Zu in a good mood. Assalamualaikum.

Present Outlining

Monday, 04 February 2013

            Assalamualaikum, as usual our class was at Dewan Sri Peria (DSP) . Today Miss Zu want to see our outlining. Before we go to the class, Miss Zu already asked Faiz to tell everyone to bring their laptop to the class because today we want to make an outlining. I have a problem right now because I did not have any laptop. So, I have to borrow my friend laptop to bring to the class. I have to take a little bit times to borrow that laptop so I came a little bit late to the class. The first group that she want to check their outlining is Faiz Adha group and her comment to that group to make a little bit correction to make it more perfect. Then, Miss Zu was come to our group to see our outlining. For your information, we feel that our outlining will be rejected by Miss Zu because we did not do it perfectly because we have some problem yesterday because our materials have been missing. So, we accepted our faith because we not so sure our outlining is correct or not. Then, she tell us that our outlining is the worst from others. We feel so shame with that situation. But, we accept it. What is really impressed me is the girls in my class is great and awesome because all of their outlining was accepted and just have a little bit mistake in sentences structure only. Others groups that also impressed me is Ejat groups which is their outlining also accepted. I think they have do a great job for someone we called Man. Hahaha. Congratulation guys, you all so awesome and I like to learn from all of you. Feel so grateful because I have been in this class. So, the class ended early and I think that all for today, Thank you and good bye, see you guys in next update. Assalmualaikum.

Present Introduction

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

            Assalammualaikum. Our class today at the lab. Which is at the CLL Sri Laksamana. I want to play computer at the lab, hahahha, just kidding. What have in my mind right now is maybe Miss Zu want to see our blog. It the scary things because I don’t have update my blog yet because only write it in Microsoft word only. But, what I think is totally wrong because still want us to proceed to present thesis statement. There only have 2 groups only not finish it. Especially group Ita and Nawi. First presenter is Ita groups and next is Nawi group. Miss Zu still not accepts Nawi group thesis statement because their thesis statement is having a mistake again. Miss Zu have asked all of us to help them to make their sentences is correct, but no volunteer want to try to correct it. It is because everybody don’t have any guts to help them because we think it can only adding their mistake only not to help. So, we keep silent in that class. Lastly, she helps them to correct their sentences and so on. After that, she asked all of us to show up our introduction to her. 

Firstly, if I not mistake, she checked the twin group introduction and also their friend. At the same times, Faiz and I still do our introduction to make it more clear and so on. After that, she look out for others group introduction. After 15 minutes later, she suddenly come to our table to look our introduction while Faiz and I still keep chatting. So, we have to show our introduction to her. Then, she said that our introduction maybe we just keep from our materials and just copy and paste. So, Miss Zu have asked us to paraphrase our introduction to make it more like we not copy and paste because there have our effort to do it. So, we take her advised and we do our introduction again. We feel grateful because Miss Zu not angry with us for what we have done actually. Maybe she not want to angry and scold again to all of us, so she take that action for make us not feel stressful and so on. Before we dismiss, Miss Zu already asked all of us to show our outlining for the next class. I think that all for today, see you again guys. Bye.. ^_^

Continue Present Thesis Statement

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

            Assalamualaikum, we meet again after the thaipusam break. So, how are you guys? Feel great because already have holiday even though it just 1 day only. Hahaha..I hope you all in pink of health. Insyaallah. So, get back to our main point to write this blog. Today our class like usual, at the C214. Today, we continue present about thesis statement. First group is from Acap and Nawi group. They present their thesis statement and one more times their thesis statement have been rejected by Miss Zu because she think that their thesis statement have others mistake and so on. So, she asked Nawi group to do it again. After that, Ana group was present their thesis statement at the front. Their thesis statement also rejected by Miss Zu because they also have many mistake that they do. Feel so pity with them because they have been scolded by Miss Zu. I hope they can do better from today for their own sake. After that, others group have been present their thesis statement to Miss Zu. What is so surprises is all of the thesis statement from argumentative essay group have been accepted and approved by Miss Zu. Like a miracle all of this can happen. Suddenly, Miss Zu said congratulation to the argumentative essay group because they have showed a great effort to make their thesis statement more interesting and so on. Then, Miss Zu have think that they should do more and more discussion because it really useful to all of us. Now, only have two or three more group that their thesis statement was not accepted yet. They are Nawi group, Rozita group and also Ana group. Rozita was not came to the class because they have an MC. So, their group was not present yet their thesis statement. So, I hope they can make a correction for those groups that have not accepted yet their thesis statement because it can make their work easier to do. So, our class end early today and I think this is only for today. See you guys in next update. Assalamualaikum.