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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Do The Blog ^^

Monday,07 January 2013

         Assalamualaikum, today our class start on 2 p.m until 4 p.m at Dewan Sri Peria (DSP). I come to the class a little bit late and feel so tired. Before we go to the class, Miss Zu have told Faiz, our class leader to asked all of our classmates to bring the laptop to the class. the main reason why Miss Zu asked all of us to bring the laptop is because she want us to do the blogging. Feel very worried because the truth is I don’t have any laptop or notebook at all. So, how can I bring the laptop to the class? From where I want to get the laptop? .So, neither I want or not, I take decision just go to the class without bring the laptop as Miss Zu asked. At the class, I saw everybody bring their laptop as well , but only me who did not bring the laptop. Suddenly, Miss Zu saw that only me who did not bring the laptop and she asked me “why you not bring the laptop salihin ? “. Then, I tell her that I do not buy the laptop yet because not have enough money to buy it. Feel shame, but that the truth, so I accepted that. Then she asked all the classmates to open the i-learn to do the quiz for those who not done yet. Suddenly, all my classmates told her that the internet cannot be access at that room. So, to resolved that problem, she take the action and tell us to go to the library to do the blogging because at the library, the internet can be access and the line pretty fast from the others room. So, we have to move from Dewan Sri Peria to the library. When we arrived, feel so tired and almost all my classmates go buy the drinking water from the machine that have in that library. Looking at that situation, Miss Zu just smile at all of us because almost of us buy that drinking water and she wait until all our classmates done drink that water. After that, she asked us to go to the computer lab that have in that library to do our blog. All the classmates take their sit in that lab and we do our own blog as she asked. I don’t know what to do because didn’t have any idea at all and just keep chatting with others guys in that class and keep watching the others class that also in that lab who in the learning session. But, in the same time, I also do the blogging and update the blog. After I finished do the blog, we come out from the lab and go to the others who still do their blog at the outside from the lab. The class end as usual and without we noticed, Miss Zu already not there and we go back to our college.


  1. i can't read your blog..too many..haha
    good it more..hehe

    1. why..maybe its because of this font??
      is it true??
      hahaha..just write what have in my mind..
      by the way..thanks barieya..^_^