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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wednesday,12 December 2012

         The fifth day for the Bel 311 class. Such a sweet date ever, its 12,12,12.Wow,so interesting what will going on today. Hopefully that will be going the best day ever. Today, our class is at Cll 2,Sri laksamana. Today for the first time we have to enter the lab, quite interesting. What we are going to do in this lab is we have to create the blog. Usually I just look at my friend blog, but now I have to make my own blog .What was that, I don’t know how to make the blog. Arghhh, someone ,help me. The reason why Miss Zu want all of us have the blog is, this is one of our assignment an she also tell us that its can improve our writing skill and so on. But, I still feel blur because I don’t know how to create the blog, and with the Uitm wifi which is too slow like a snail ,it make me fell more pressure and tension. Looked at that situation, Zue, my classmates was come over me and help me to create the blog. Oh thank god, a pretty girl who have a kind of heart which is willing to help me .What a relieve, thank Zue. She told me the way to create the blog and so on. Then, I asked her “do you already have a blog before this?” .Then she told me that she have a blog before this but not too active with that blog. Now I know why she is so expert about this blog. Zue help anything that she know and its make me more easier to create that blog. The whole day we create the blog and also follow the others friend blog an so on. A little bit bored because I not used about that blog. Everybody seems tension because its can calculate the percentage who are really know about the blog and who are not. The class ended with full of stress and tension situation but also have a great moment today. Before the class end Miss Zu have asked all of us to find the article that is interesting and we have to choose our partner because it also one of the a burden, but we have to accept it and not to make an excused because it also can make us get more information about a latest new. I think that all for today, thank you.

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