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Sunday, 16 December 2012

My View About Blogging

Hello everyone,how your day? Is it okay? Is it disaster?or is it just like usual,just same at all? Hahaha..I hope your day is pretty awesome.Okay,I want to start my writing.Today I want to write about my view of blogging.What you guys think about blog,can you guys give me some idea.hahaha.Just kidding.I like to read,but not really actually because just like to read something that can interest me an so on.When we talk about blog,the blog is the best place to express someone feeling an so on.At that blog,the blogger can express all their feeling like angry,happy,and so on as they want and also can makes their blog more beautiful to attract someone to read it or others.But,its for the professional blogger but not me.The reason I said that is because this is the first time I have to create the blog and I not used at it at all.Feel like a burden for me,but I want to try something new,its quiet interesting. Hopefully,I can do my best for this blog.hehehe ..^_^ .
So,I think this is the challenger semester because for the first time,our lecturer,Miss Zu have told us to make an blog as the assignment.Its so challenge me.But,I have to take it.I like the challenge.hehehe..Miss Zu have told us that we must to update all the thing that happen in their class in our blog.Miss Zu also told us that to make the blog was so easy and simple like we make the facebook account,but when I tried to make this blog,it not so easy as she taid,quiet hard.Feel very tension to make this blog..huhu.But,still have to create.So,my view of blogging is simple,not too interest and also not liked at all to this blog.Its just what I think about the blogging.How about you guys? I know different person have different perception,just like me..hahaha..Okay,that all for today,see you guys in next entry.Assalamualaikum.

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