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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Farewell notes

Hai everyone, glad to see you again. :D

What have you learnt throughout this semester in BEL 311? Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

For your information, I think this semester is the most harder from the last semester because we have to work hard doing all this thing (assignment, blogging and so on). But, seriously, I think that can improve our skills of writing and also our critical thinking because to finish all this thing, we have to make sure it perfect and so on. For example, before this I have a problem where I cannot do the writing perfectly with a good or different word which can attract people to read it. But, in this Class, Miss Zu have teach us to use the different or synonym word to attracted reader to read what we write and I think that can help us to get high mark in the final that will coming soon.

Now, I will practice it and I will make sure I use the word to make my writing was interesting. Besides that, I also know on how to make the reference from the article especially for the term paper. I also know on how to find and make the source for the term paper resources. Here, I want to say thanks to Miss Zu because with all her sacrifices to give her skill to us and also make sure that we can improve our skill. Love from deep of my heart to you Miss Zu. =)

What does blogging teach in BEL 311? 
What do you think of expressing your thoughts feeling via-e-Diary (blogging).

Totally, first time I create my blog I feel like this “this is my first blog and after this I will have to be a critical thinker to make my blogger is funny, happy and very important is it interesting. Why I thinks so? This is because maybe I will take more time to do it. Seriously I feel it a new thing to me. Sometime I feel enjoy, sometime bored, and sometime feel lazy to do it every day. After I know the blog purpose, now I know when I update or share my story it can make me to improve my writing skill. Maybe a little bit my grammar is correct. But, until know I don’t know whether my grammar is improve or still same at my level before this. I hope I can learn from my mistake and can conquer the skill of this writing and so on because actually I like to learn English language. I think that expressing our feeling in blog is the positive one because it can release our tension and so on.

What do you expect for examination and Bel subject?

I still not prepare anything for final especially for BEL 311. I hope I still have enough time to prepare for the final. Insha’Allah. Firstly, what I expect for the final examination is hope the question is easier and in that ways I can score this paper but I know not everything we want we can get it right. So, I hope I can do better in the final and I want to try to score this paper and get a deserve mark for all the harder thing that happen. I also hope that with all the skills and so on that Miss Zu teach us, we can use it for the final. Lastly, I think this Bel subject have teach me on how to be an independent person, patience person and so on because in this class, I have learn many thing that useful to me. Once again, thank Miss Zu. ^_^

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  1. same goes to,, thanks to miss zu a lot! all of us will get what we deserve. hopefully all of effort we have put give back the return :)