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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Learning Thesis Statement

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Assalamualaikum to all the reader. I hope you all in pink of health. Insyaallah. Firstly, our class still start at the evening and for today class, we have to go to U214.Today, all of my classmates were come late in class. It is because we have to attend the class before which is have a quiz and that class is Statistics class. I feel pity with Miss Zu because she needs to wait us in class alone in half an hour. We cannot do anything because if we not finished our quiz, it will affect our mark and so on. So, all of us would like to say Sorry for late come to class Miss Zu. We don’t have any intention at all to coming late for your class. So, we continued the class like usual even we was late. Today Miss Zu was teach us on how to make a thesis statement. Miss Zu have explain about the thesis statement one by one because she worried that we can’t understood on what we have learn, and it will be waste of time for her if we cannot understand at all what she trying to teach us. Then, she asked us whether we still remember about this thesis statement we learn in last semester which is in semester 2. We all can only remember a certain part because we already forget what the others. I just remember a little bit about the thesis statement that we have learnt in semester two, and it still can help me to understand. But, I still feel unhappy because can’t remember all of them. I feel regret because just learn it like nothing and just want to get the mark for the final test. Feel so shamed of myself, and now I remember the word that Miss Zu said have the truth because all of us just want to learn all the subject just for mark and not for the knowledge. Feel a little bit frustrated. But, what can we do, let by gone be by gone. We have to create a new pages to our life and change all the bad attitude to the good attitude. Get back to the story, Miss Zu also teaching us on how to create the best thesis statement based on the type of our term paper. From the lecture we get some ideas to make a thesis statement. Then, Miss Zu was gave the example for us to keep for references. So, we can make the thesis statement easily. I feel very happy because we can make our term paper more easily after this because she have help a little bit and we feel very happy because have a nice lecturer who willingly to help all of us without take an advantages for their help. Alhamdulillah. I think that all for today, I will update more story after this and I hope you all still want to read my blog, Assalamualaikum.


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  1. Its okay salihin ! You will do better for the next time :)dont do it the same mistake ;)