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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Present Introduction

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

            Assalammualaikum. Our class today at the lab. Which is at the CLL Sri Laksamana. I want to play computer at the lab, hahahha, just kidding. What have in my mind right now is maybe Miss Zu want to see our blog. It the scary things because I don’t have update my blog yet because only write it in Microsoft word only. But, what I think is totally wrong because still want us to proceed to present thesis statement. There only have 2 groups only not finish it. Especially group Ita and Nawi. First presenter is Ita groups and next is Nawi group. Miss Zu still not accepts Nawi group thesis statement because their thesis statement is having a mistake again. Miss Zu have asked all of us to help them to make their sentences is correct, but no volunteer want to try to correct it. It is because everybody don’t have any guts to help them because we think it can only adding their mistake only not to help. So, we keep silent in that class. Lastly, she helps them to correct their sentences and so on. After that, she asked all of us to show up our introduction to her. 

Firstly, if I not mistake, she checked the twin group introduction and also their friend. At the same times, Faiz and I still do our introduction to make it more clear and so on. After that, she look out for others group introduction. After 15 minutes later, she suddenly come to our table to look our introduction while Faiz and I still keep chatting. So, we have to show our introduction to her. Then, she said that our introduction maybe we just keep from our materials and just copy and paste. So, Miss Zu have asked us to paraphrase our introduction to make it more like we not copy and paste because there have our effort to do it. So, we take her advised and we do our introduction again. We feel grateful because Miss Zu not angry with us for what we have done actually. Maybe she not want to angry and scold again to all of us, so she take that action for make us not feel stressful and so on. Before we dismiss, Miss Zu already asked all of us to show our outlining for the next class. I think that all for today, see you again guys. Bye.. ^_^

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