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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Choosing Partner for Speaking Test

Wednesday, 06 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmannirrahim. How you guys doing? I am good too.  Today Miss ZU a bit late because she has something to do so, she asks us to update and comment blog, does the online quizzes.  After that, Miss Zu enters the lab. Today, Miss Zu wants to do a practice for speaking test. Oh speaking test! Then, Miss Zu divides us into eight groups, which are consisting of four members. Miss Zu said she couldn’t let us choose our own member because in MUET TEST we know no one. Therefore, Miss Zu decides to do that way. Actually we want choose our own group but Miss Zu don’t agree with that. So we must accept that. My group would be Asyraf, Nadia Salehin, and me. Excited but nervous too. How to do??? For the practice session, Miss Zu picks GROUP NO.1.  Group 1 need to do the example for do the speaking test. The title that given to faiz's group is about punctuality among Malaysian. We will give 1 minute to read the question and 5 minutes to write down our points and 20 minutes for discussion. When they are presenting we have to give them mark according to what Miss Zu teaches us just now. Group 1 members consist of 4 members Asnawi, Faiz Othman, Bariah and Ana.  The starting a little bit not good. Maybe because it suddenly happen. However, when it comes to Faiz Othman and Bariah they give many points. Miss Zu said one person should give at least five points. WHAT! Five points? That’s a lot. For this semester speaking test, we are given 20 minutes. That’s really long time. Fuhhhhh…. Lastly, Bariah and Faiz get the highest mark among them. Although, it just a practice, well done guy. Then, Miss Zu said she wants to this practice again. Noooo, we do not want to do it. After that, Miss Zu gives us a sheet of questions paper for us to practice over this weekend.  BYE! But, we still have others replacement class for tonight..huhu..

For replacement class we did compare and contrast essay like usual Miss Zu wants us to do an essay. Before we start the class, Miss Zu wants our draft, the original and the one that has been commented by our friend. Compare and contrast essay has two type of pattern.
1) Introduction     

2) Introduction
Differentiation & similarity character 1
Differentiation &similarity character 2
For my group we got pattern number 1. BREE VAN DE KAMP AND LYNETTE SCAVO. That’s two names was shown on the screen. Who are they? They are the characters from POPULAR ENGLISH DRAMA SERIES CALLED DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  What are the different and similarity between both of them? The similarity of both characters is, both of them are housewife and mother. While the different between both of them are for BREE VAN DE KAMP, her attitude is strict and the way she managed her family is very organized. On the other hand, LYNETTE SCAVO he attitude is very friendly and the way she managed her family is unorganized. For my part, I have to write the differences between both of them. As usual we need to put the citation and plus one more thing which is references and follow the format. My brain working so hard to make this essay..huhu..
We have to submit it after that and we end the class about 10:10 P.M. See you all in next updates, good bye..Assalamualaikum.. ^_^

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