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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Discussion for doing Thesis Statement ^_^

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

            Assalamualaikum..Hai everyone, we meet again today. All right, I want to continue update my blog. Today our class was at library. Still remember about discussion for doing our thesis statement?? Ejat and I came late to the library because we have some kind of work to do. Okay, because our thesis statement was accepted by Miss Zu, we have many times to do others work because did not have anything to do. So, I take this opportunity to do my online quiz and so on. So, I entered the lab that have in this library to do my online quiz. After done doing all my work, I saw many of my classmates that also entered this lab to search information to make their thesis statement more interesting and so on. Feel so impressed with all their hard working. Keep it up guys, I know you can do it better and more better from me. I saw many group was combined with each other to make their thesis statement. There have many groups at this library for example, the cause and effect essay groups, the argumentative essay groups and so on. All that I can said is this is AWESOME. This is because they have combined with each other to solve the problem. After that, I saw the twins groups which is their thesis statement was accepted by Miss Zu, so I go to them to look what they do in the lab. Then, I saw them was updating their blog. Wow, feel interesting to look what will they write in their blog and the most thing that attracted me to look their blog is because they have update their blog until today. Such a hardworking person. I salute with them. After 1 hour we at the library, we all sit at one table to chatting with each other. We feel so happy because all of our work have already done. So, I think that all for today. See you in the next entered. Bye. ^_^

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