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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Finished Do The Outline

Wednesday, 06 February 2013

            Assalamualaikum, we meet again in this update. Hai guys, I hope today is even better than yesterday. I hope Miss Zu in a good mood today. So, all of us will have a great day which is not stressful learning session. I hope so. Okay, get back to the story, today class was at CLL Sri Laksamana. Today class Miss Zu want all of us to finish up do the outlining at this class. She want all of us to finish it at least 70-80 %. All that she need us to do is we must rephrase the sentences structure from the original because she doesn’t like a plagiarism work. The most important reason she want all of to do it because we should submit our outlining before this Friday.  Faiz and I do the outlining very careful because if the outlining step is wrong, of course we will get a lowest marks. Seriously we want the task is in a good results. This task is important because it may or the truly is can help us to get marks for the term paper for final examination. All we can do after this just accepted the result and do the others thing that we should do. I hope, we can get high mark for this outlining so we can do a great task for this term paper. I really want to do the best for this term paper. I don’t want to lose any mark again and I hope this will make me get more useful information that I can used for the final paper. I really hope so. Insyaallah. So, I think that all for today. Happy holiday guys, I hope you all in a good condition where ever you go in this holiday. Take care and I hope we can meet again after this. Assalamualaikum.

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