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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Last Class :`(

Thursday, 21 March 2013

            Peace be upon on you the reader, I hope you all in pink of health. Insha’Allah. Firstly, this is the second class we have to attend in Thursday because this class actually the replacement class for the class that has been cancelled. If I not mistaken, the first class that I have attend in Thursday is for the Speaking Test which is the scariest day. Okay, let’s go back to our story, this class was at CLL 1 Sri Laksamana which is at the computer lab. This class actually start at 8.00 p.m but Ejat, Nawi, Wasim and also I have to came a little bit late because we have to do some important thing before we can entered this class which is we want to make sure our portfolio is ready with full of the material that Miss Zu asked. When we entered this class, we look all the classmates seem really concentrated with what Miss Zu have talking about and actually Miss Zu were talking about the orange paper that she give to us and she was discuss and explain on how to do the subjective part. We all discuss on how to answered that question, Miss Zu told to everyone in this class that we must find the true meaning of the word in the passage, by doing that way, we can know the meaning of the passage and what the writer try to told to the reader.

Miss Zu said that the answered is actually in that paragraph, so we must read it carefully. While doing the question that she told us to do, suddenly Miss Zu give some paper to us which is have the same colour as well like the paper that we get earlier, then she told us that this is a survey for doing the this blog, is it okay or not. I try to answer it, and from what I had noticed, many question from that paper is same as before, is it “typo” or others? I just circle the answered because I don’t know, this blog is okay or not, but from my personal view, I think this blog is positive one because it can improve our English language. Ejat and I just do it and then we finish circle that paper. While I circle that paper, I just make some joke to Ejat which is I said I want to give only 1 for some question which refer to our thought for doing this and without I noticed, Miss Zu have watching me all over before the start, I feel very shy and I told her that I don’t have any meaning at all for what I said earlier and it just a joke. Sorry Miss Zu.. ^_^. After we submit that paper, Miss Zu discuss what the next answered for the next subjective part. We finish do the subjective question, Miss Zu told to all, for this last class, she has a preparation for this last class, Miss Zu said that everyone must go outside and then go to the class next toilet. We do some party and eat the snack. Miss Zu have taken the picture with the student, I also take a picture with Miss Zu for a memories. Thank You Miss  Zu, for everything that you teach from started till the ended, if you not teach this class, our English language is not well and maybe even worse, Thank you very much Miss Zu. We love you so much.

The Sweetest Moment Ever  and I will not forget it until I have graduated ^_^

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