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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Tuesday, 05 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum readers.  Today we have to bring our laptop again because we have to check our friends’ draft. If yesterday, we done with self-editing and today we continue with peer editing. Since, there are only two group did problem-solution essay, my group and Faiz’s group so, we just change between us not like others group they need to change with different group. After we done it, Miss Zu asks us to evaluate peer’s draft. We need to give them mark according to the criteria that have been given on the paper that Miss Zu just gave us. Give a mark???It look like interesting…Exciting! We have to give them mark but we can’t show it to them. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL! Like what Miss Zu said..hahaha..
But… we want to know our mark Miss Zu..huhuuhu..
I think Faiz and I have consider enough in giving Nina and Wawa mark for their draft. How about you guys Nina and Wawa??? How many mark that you want to give to us? It make us keep asking to our self.. So curious..haha.. I hope we can a great mark for all that we have done.. Insyaallah.. So, I think that all for today.. See you in next updates, bye..

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