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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Check Outline with Friend

Tuesday, 05 February 2013

            Assalammualaikum.Hi guys, today our class at U214. Our lesson today is about outlining again. Faiz and I have some problem and have to come to the class a little bit late because we have to send Hakimah to the hospital because she sick and not feeling really well. Faiz have told others friend to tell Miss Zu the situation that we have faced right now because we have to send Hakimah to hospital because look at her condiion which is even worst after the class before. We come to the class late half an hour but Miss Zu understand what we have do. Then Miss Zu asked us whether Hakimah okay or not. Then Faiz tell that Hakimah is getting a little bit okay. Then the class move like usual. In this class, Miss Zu want all of us to finish do our outlining at class. At the same times. We can try to check our outlining sentences before we confirm it. We can asked our friend or just go to see Miss Zu to check it up whether our outlining sentences is okay or worst. My partner and I do it with more careful because we did not have enough time to do it. It is because we need to submit the outlining before this Friday. It is because this Friday is the last week before we gone to our hometown for the holiday because next week is Chinese New Year. After that, Faiz and I continue do our outlining and we laugh with each other because there have some mistake and so on. Look at that situation, Miss Zu have asked us to come to the front for her to check our outlining one more time. Then, she told us that our outlining is better than before and she want us to paraphrase again our outlining to make it clear. So, I asked her whether our outlining can be accepted or not. Then she said that it okay, but we have to make it more perfect. Feel very grateful because she said that.  Faiz and I feel very happy and at the same time we will make sure our outline is use the role. Another group starts to show their work at her. She also tries to help them and so on. So, our class ended a little bit early and that all for today. Thank you. It a happy days because Miss Zu in a good mood. Assalamualaikum.

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