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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

            Today is the day. FORUM!  Assalamualaikum readers.  As soon as we enter the class, Miss Zu the first group which is my group. Before we start it, Miss Zu asks us to write the title for the show like a real forum that we always watch it on the television.  Izani has to decide what kind of show that wants to do it since she is the host. Then, we end it with show title “Talk show with Izani Z”. A little bit weird with the Z. What that?? Is it her father name?
I think maybe it her father name because her father name start with “Z”. It’s just some guests. hahaha. We enjoy laughing today. Haha this is because we can see our friends talk in front of people. Then, group number 2,3 4 present their forum. That was a happy day because everyone laughing a lot. After all the 4 group present, our turn that is group number 5 need to do the forum. I was a little bit nervous and like want to vomit because too nervous because I have to speak in front of my friend I think I cannot speak in front of the people that I know I don’t know why. Our program name is Listen! Listen! With Naddy N. In this forum, I as a gym coach in Fitness Centre at Damansara, Tira as a Doctor from Columbia Hospital, Ana as a student from Taylor's University that has an experience about that topic, Syafiqah as nutritious and Nadia is the host. Our group was the last group that need to do the forum because we don’t have enough time to finish it. Group 6 will present it tomorrow. I wish luck for them. hahaha. So, I think the best host is Fikri and the best panel is Faiz Adha. The best group is all 5 group. Good job friends!! You all already did your best =) 

All My Lovely Classmates Ever.. ^_^

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