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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Reahersal For Speaking Test

Monday, 11 March 2013

Assalamualaikum, as usual our class at DSP which so far away from our hostel. In this class, Miss Zu already set up the purpose for this class which is the rehearsal for the speaking test that coming soon. The main purpose she did this activity is to make sure the student know how to speak in front of others without feel shy and so on. Besides that, she also want to know the weakness of their student to help them improve their speaking skills. So, the student can know how to speak fluently in the speaking test that arrived in next 2 days. In this activity, Adiba groups has chosen to go to the front to do this activity. In my opinion, they do a great job which is they can speak fluently and share a lot of idea in their conversation in this activity. Feel proud with all of them. This activity take around half an hour to finish. So, the whole day we just watch this groups speak at the front and we also can be like the examiner because we also can give them mark for their speaking rehearsal as Miss Zu ask all of to do it. After finished the rehearsal, Miss Zu asked all of us to try this speaking rehearsal with our group to make a chemistry with each other’s. The class end early because Miss Zu have an important thing to do. So, we take the time that have in that day to do this rehearsal. So, I think that all for today, thank you. See you again guys. Assalamualaikum

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