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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Present Thesis Statement

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

            Assalamualaikum, how are you guys? I hope you all in good condition. Okay, today class we have to present our thesis statement at the class as Miss Zu asked. It is the scary day because we have to show all of our work to Miss Zu. Feel so nervous. First group that have been called to the front today is Faiz Adha and Fikri group .They go to the front and show their thesis statement and suddenly have been rejected by Miss Zu because their thesis statement was not followed the rules how to do this thesis statement. So, they have to do it again. Then Miss Zu asked them to call any names that they want to call to go to the front. Suddenly, Faiz Adha have called Faiz name and also me. Faiz and I feel very nervous and just go to the front and show our thesis statement to Miss Zu. That moment I can’t forget because with nothing to expect that she will accepted our thesis statement, suddenly she said that our thesis statement was accepted. Feel so grateful, thank Miss Zu. After that, others group had go to the front to present their thesis statement. For your information, there are three groups that have been accepted their thesis statement by Miss Zu. Miss Zu have accepted Atikah Ahmad groups, the twins groups and also my groups.

Atikah & Adiba Groups

Inayah & Bariyah Groups

This my group, Faiz and Me

 She asked all of us which is their thesis statement not accepted yet to go the library tomorrow to discuss with each other to make their statement complete and not have any mistake again. For information, tomorrow we don’t have any class. I think that all for today. Thank you.

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