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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Argumentative Essay

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

            Assalamualaikum, today our class at Cll Sri laksamana. As usual, we entered the lab. But, today we came a little bit early because I did not seem Miss Zu at that lab. In this class, Miss Zu have tell us on what she want to do for today class. Suddenly, she said that we have to learn about argumentative essay. She asked us whether we know how to make this essay or not? Did Miss Syazwa Nabila have teach us on how to do it or not and others. All of my classmates said that we already learn on how to make it and still remember a little bit on how to do it. So, Miss Zu just teach a little bit because she know all of us already know about this argumentative essay. Then, she try all of us to judge the statement in the slide whether it is argumentative essay or not. All my classmates do a pretty well job because can just a correct answer. So proud with all of you guys. After that, she asked all of us to this argumentative essay for a homework for this weekend. Owh noooooooooooo.. I did not ready to make this argumentative essay because at this time feel so blur on how to do it.. With all the quiz and test that have, feel so frustrated. huhu.. But, we have to take it no matter what because Miss Zu already gave all of us this homework. Then she said that she also have an experience like all of us and she said that she was the worse than us because in her time, she have to attend 3 test with all this kind of work to complete at the same time. So, Miss Zu advice all of us to just accept it and take the challenges that she gave. So, we have to take it. The class end as usual and I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum.

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  1. your writing is quit good than mine. congrates