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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Make Inferences

Monday, 18 February 2013      

           Assalamualaikum to all the readers. We meet again in this update. So, how your holidays guys? Is it okay? I think maybe you all have a great holiday this time because it take more than 1 week. So, I think we have a good enough time to rest for a while from all this situation which is I refer to all the busier days last week. I hope you guys in a pink of health. Insyaallah. So, we have to start a new day for this week with all the fresh thing and so on. Okay, get back to our main point to write this blog, today class as usual at Dewan Sri Peria(DSP). Today we learn a new topic which is how to make the inferences and it is about make a guess about what the writer are trying to tell us. This is for our own sake because Miss Zu have told us that this learning session is very useful for the reading section in final paper. We play a simple game about guessing who are the murderer to Mr Boddy .Miss Zu give us different card to each of us for us to guess where is the missing card and also the clue for these case. Each person have different card. Firstly, for your information, I don’t understand at all what types of games that we have to play today. It is because I think the card that I have is not the murderer thing cases and so on. So, I guess that the others person card is the murderer weapon or the murderer places. But, as I expected, my perception for this game are wrong because Syafiqah Salleh have told me that this game is we have to guest the missing card which is the clue for the true murder. She also told me that Miss Zu already told us that the card that we are holding are not the murderer, not the weapon and not the murder places. We need to think careful which person are the murder, what are the weapon to killed and where the places. Miss Zu show us 4 of the suspect names, 4 places and 4 weapon in the slide in front. Owh, I think maybe I not pay attention for what she have said earlier. Sorry Miss Zu, hehehe. So, we have to think carefully what card that we do not have. In this game, Wasim give a correct answer for this games. .After finish with this game, we have been divided into 5 group. In my group we have Cik Faa, Syafiqah Salleh and Syafiqah Azmi .Each group must give answer about what are going happen next for each video clip that Miss Zu are going to show. Even we watch the same video we give a different answer. From this activity I realise that we must focus with each of situation that happen and do not have to rush to make conclusion because we have to take time to think carefully because it can give an effect to us for example in examination, if we give a wrong answer in exam we are going to lose mark and so on. So, we must always careful before we make some conclusion. I think today is the fun and happiest days ever. So, I think that all for today, Assalamualaikum.

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