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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Commenting First Draft & Problem Solution Essay

Monday, 25 February 2013

Assalamualaikum readers. Today my class at DSP. Today we have to bring our laptop to the class because Miss Zu wants to check our first draft essay. We also have to comment others group essay.  My group has to change with Nina’s group since both of us doing the same type of essay.  Nina’s group did a little of comments to my group’s essay. We glad that she do that because we can know our mistake and so on. We also did a lot of commenting on their draft like suggest a word that they can used for their term paper. I hope that can help them. That day, we just make a commenting for our member’s term paper. At the same time, we get back our outline paper that one we submit to Miss Zu. We got 4 over 5. I think that our mark just so~ so because there have others partner that get a higher marks than us like Atikah ahmad group which is get 4.75 if I not mistake. We salute for that group because only make a mistake like not put “s” in their outline. Wow, really brilliant girls. We make mistakes especially on sentence structure.  Some of the group gets a message from Miss Zu on that paper. Something likes “See me”. I don’t know. I glad that not on my group’s paper. So grateful. hehehe. The class ended at 4 o`clock and for your information, tonight we have a replacement class.. waaa..Really-really tired..

At night.

Our class for tonight supposes to be start on sharp 8 o’clock but my friend and I was late! OMG! How come? Tonight task is in a group. If before this, we done with cause and effect essay, for tonight we do problem and solution essay. My members for this group is Faiz, Atikah ahmad, Cik faa, Ika kardi and also Adiba.. Many of them give an excuse like it’s raining that why we are late Miss Zu, hehehe that just an excuse from us. Once again, we have to be a critical thinker. For this time essay, Miss Zu asks us to put the text citation. Miss Zu said one paragraph with one citation is just great. Like usual, my engines still not warm enough and I start to write this essay a little bit late to think the best idea to put in this essay.haha.. What a funny moment when I remember back that situation. The class end at 10 o`clock and we have to submit this essay to Miss Zu before we leave the class.

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